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The personal trainer on the journey to keep Christian faith at the center of health with you

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“Amy has done a fantastic job helping me build a better me... Her depth of knowledge as a personal trainer is impressive, and her approach to training is personal.”
Fat Loss, Metabolism Health, Christian Worldview

Personal Trainer Services for Christian Women Who Want a Fitness Environment that Understands and Shares their Faith


Fat Loss

Empowering Christian women to lose fat in a way that prioritize their health and well-being.


Metabolism Health

Guiding people towards making sustainable exercise & dietary choices with results that will be easy to keep.


Christian Worldview

Encouraging faith-based mindfulness practices for a balanced and Christ-centered lifestyle. Mindset work and stress management without the progressive, new age fitness woo-woo

Transforming Lives

Discover the Sustainably Fit Difference

Personalized Training
Holistic Wellness Approach
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