How many times have you decided to lose weight – you counted calories, you started running, you lost the weight, and then you quit? And the weight came back? Or maybe it never left to begin with. How often has being healthy been a giant, frustrating, time-consuming mystery?

THAT is exactly why health coaching exists!

I’m here to come alongside you and help you figure out why your previous attempts haven’t worked the way you wanted.
I work with you to find the approach that will fit your lifestyle, not consume all your free time, and ACTUALLY WORKS.

But, c’mon, what does that mean? What does it actually look like?

That’s a great question!

We start you telling me about what you want to achieve and what you think has held you back in the past.
Then we’ll talk about it and I’ll help you come up with strategies to overcome the roadblocks.
I’ll also use my knowledge and experience as a certified health coach and personal trainer to provide you with actionable steps to help you reach your health and fitness goals – this will include things like dietary changes, new lifestyle habits, and exercise plans.

From there, I’m here to give you support.
We’ll check-in once a week so I can help you address any struggles you’re having and celebrate with you any of your victories on the way. I’ll also keep providing you with resources like helpful information, motivation, and recipes. And we’ll tweak things as we need to.

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