Fitness programming:

We’ll start with an intro session to discuss your goals, exercise experience, and what equipment you have available to you. Then, I take your goals and equipment and turn them into an individual exercise program for you to do on your own.

$160 / 6 weeks

Fitness coaching:

You get the individual programming, plus weekly 1-on-1 coaching and check-ins with me, and once a week Q&A’s via email or app messaging. This includes some health and lifestyle coaching through small, incremental changes and behavior awareness.

Weekly sessions can be done via Skype or in person if you are within 30 miles.

$320 / 6 weeks

Health Coaching:

You’re just getting started on your health journey or you feel like you’ve been fighting with your body, doing everything right and getting nowhere for years – health coaching may be the option for you. A full overhaul for the person who is ready for some big changes.
You can expect:

  • Goal setting to help you understand what you want out of your health journey and why
  • Behavior and habit coaching to help you stick with the lifestyle changes you want to make
  • Grocery store navigation: if you’re local I’ll go with you to the store and help you learn how to navigate the labels, the ads, the endcaps, and more.
  • Advice and support for navigating the inevitable social situations around food
  • Lifestyle modification recommendations for managing stress to improve your health
  • More

In the form of:

An introductory conversation followed by weekly coaching sessions to help keep you motivated and on track with the changes that you want to make.

$380 / 8 weeks

Contact me to learn more or schedule your free intro session.