It’s such a buzzword right now. So much so that it’s almost lost all meaning. So what does it mean to me? Why “Sustainably Fit?”

Able to be sustained. Is that something you can say about your life? Your approach to food? Fitness? Movement?

There are so many insta-celebs, top-selling programs, and diet gurus out there to sell you their cure. Somehow their specific approach to counting macros or working out is going to be the thing to finally “fix” you. For some reason, they have the secret no one else does, and usually it looks just a bit extreme.

Or maybe it doesn’t. We live in a world where constant dieting, calorie counting, and 2 hour trips to the gym have become normalized. Expected, even.
But let me pose this question: do you want to be counting calories when you’re 60? Do you want to be making trips to the gym 4 or 5 times a week, still paying for that membership, logging hours on the treadmill, when you’re retired?


Logic dictates that if logging hours at the gym and counting macros (or calories, take your pick) is what’s required to be healthy and fit, then you either have to do those things forever or accept that, as soon as you stop, you forego any expectation of health and fitness. I say that’s an extreme view.

Gyms and fitness centers existed on the fringes until only a handful of decades ago. Diets, as we now interact with them culturally, are also a relatively new phenomenon. I’m not saying that these are bad things. What I’m saying is that they’re NOT REQUIRED things. People were healthy and fit prior to their existence.

Health does not require a gym membership and a calorie counting app. It requires movement, and nourishing food. Gyms and apps – they can be immensely helpful tools, but only if and when they fit into your life. If they don’t, trying to force it is not sustainable.

Fitness should be personalized. There’s no secret, because there’s no one approach that works for everyone. Frankly, there’s probably not one approach that’s going to work for you forever. The key is to learn about yourself and find what you enjoy. Find what fits into your life, what makes you feel good.
Find what is sustainable for you.

You don’t need my permission, but here it is:


You can garden instead of hitting the gym today. Or you can go to the gym and hit the weights instead of going for that run (or vice versa). You can join a dance class or go for a hike or go play on some monkey bars. Climb. Do yoga. Join a pickup basketball game. Try something new.

​Only your imagination limits you. Movement is the part that matters. Enjoyment and convenience are what make it sustainable. So find what fits into the kind of life that you actually want to live. Find what feeds your body AND your soul, and just move.


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